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The decision was announced last week by the authorities of Purwakarta district, about 60 miles east of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.The new regulation, which will only apply to youths under 17, is aimed at protecting their morality, preventing unwanted pregnancy and protecting the honor of families, local media reported, quoting the head of Purwakarta district, Dedi Mulyadi.

However, after raiding the facilities, 10 of those arrested were said to be liable for charge under Indonesia’s anti-pornography laws.‘Unless she’s wearing a skirt, and he opened her thighs and grabbed her, that would be harassment.’ Officer Bambang also said the man’s actions were ‘just for fun’ and only involved poking at her knee with his little finger.Cigarettes After Sex are bringing their seductive signature ambient pop to Jakarta for the first time.A man accused of sexually harassing a woman on a bus was released without charge because ‘she was wearing trousers’.The incident happened on March 6 in Jatinegara, in Jakarta, Indonesia – two days after a Women’s March was held in the capital city.

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“If they break the rules three times, the village council may ask for the parents to marry them,” Mulyadi said.

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