Calendar in outlook 2016 not updating

Posted by / 09-Jan-2018 02:02

Calendar in outlook 2016 not updating

They don’t exist in the on-premises space but in hybrid deployments, Office 365 Groups can be synchronized back to on-premises Active Directory via the AADConnect tool, where they function as distribution groups.

There’s lots of interesting aspects to explore about Office 365 Groups, including the recent arrival of support in Outlook 2016, which is the focus of this article.

Using this method you can set up one way syncing from Google Calendar to Outlook.

Here we try to summarize this information for the most commonly used calendar apps.

Note that unlike your desktop Apple Calendar, on i OS the setting applies to all calendar subscriptions that are set to Fetch.

I'm sure by now all of you are aware that the old good Google Calendar Sync is not supported any longer.

And you don't need to have the third eye to understand at least one reason why they discontinued it.

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If you've noticed missing calendar appointments (e.g., lost meetings, delegate issues), or meeting updates from someone other than the original organizer, you're not alone.