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is an American actor, stand-up comedian and television host. He attended the College of San Mateo and spearheaded the comedy duo "Proops & Brakeman".

He is widely known for his work as an improvisational comedian on the UK and U. Later, he took courses in improvisation and acting at San Francisco State University though he never finished college.

- Will Ferrell/Steve Carell/Christina Applegate/Paul Rudd/David Koechner/Jackie Collins/Joan Collins/Frank Skinner/John Cleese/Terry Jones/Eric Idle/Michael Palin/Terry Gilliam/Michael Bublé (2013) ... I was more than apprehensive, and still regretful that I played a character called Donnie The Retard.

Himself (On Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector) Yeah.

“Some people have overtaken me.” A dash of gravitas? “I still feel like I’m an 18-year-old in awe of the world,” he continues, in disbelief.

But, if time has been relatively kind, the television industry hasn’t been nearly so gentle to the former criminal barrister who made a decisive break for showbusiness after a long, busy, dithery period of having a foot in both camps.

Once upon a time, only two decades ago, Anderson was everywhere, the people’s favourite slightly nervy presenter.

He shot to success in 1988 as the twitchy, quick-witted host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Was it [read more] Greg Proops is a comedian known by many names.

To some, he is the Smartest Man in the World (as the title of his podcast proudly proclaims).

started his podcast in 2010 — and the material for the book is based on half a decade’s worth of output.

— [read more] “The Smartest Book in the World,” Greg Proops (Touchstone) Consummate smart-ass and comedy renaissance man Greg Proops (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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It was my manager's movie, and he asked me to do it.